I’m constantly praying.
Mac on Praying
When we ask God to answer our prayer, we must believe and expect that He will answer and look earnestly for it to happen.
Mac on Prayer
Life is great, because I have it, and once I have it, I’m not giving up on it, or the possibilities it holds for me every day.
If we would love people more and love money less this world would be a better place.
Mac on The World, Love, and Money
Fear is the enemy of Faith. Fear not. Have Faith. Know that God has already solved your problem. He has already answered your prayer. Though your human eyes may not have visioned the solution yet; it is already solved. Though your human ears may not have heard the answer yet; it is already answered. Be patient. Wait. Trust. Have Faith. Fear not. Remember, Fear is the enemy of Faith
Mac on Fear and Faith (2)
Fear is the enemy of Faith
Mac on Fear and Faith
I suspect that the gift that God gave to prophets of old was not to predict the future but to determine it. And by that, I mean their words were not only revealing the future but changing it. And I think each of us have that gift when it comes to our lives; to not only change but create our own futures.
Mac on the Prophetic Power of Words
The Mastery is about Discipline; and the first thing we need to discipline is our minds.
Mac on The Mastery and Discipline (Saturday August 16 2014)
Today you are free. You can do anything you want. Or nothing at all
Mac on Today (for Nicky) Saturday July 19 2014
My late mother gave me some good advice on love; but I can’t remember what it is she said.
Mac on Romantic Relationships